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One of the biggest
seafood distributor in Quebec

Surrounded by the beautiful and wide St-Laurent River, Arctic Star Foods is located in the west island of Montreal. Built in the year of 2000, we are one of biggest seafood wholesale companies in Quebec. Mainly our customers are composed of wholesalers and retailers such as restaurants, supermarkets from local and also from Quebec city, Ottawa, Toronto, to worldwide market.

With excellent experiences of import and export, we provide a variety of products with high-quality from all over the world and the best delivery service.

Come to us, work with us, benefit what we can offer and provide us your advice!

our products

Diverse foods from
all over the world

Our products come from Canada, the United States, South America, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, including frozen, fresh and dry foods.

Frozen products

black tiger shrimps, southern American white shrimps, sweet arctic shrimps, squid, arctic surf clam, snow crab, flounder, scallop, clam, basa fillet, pollock, chicken, spring roll, dumpling.

Fresh products

salmon, tuna, oyster, lobster, scallop, fish, mussel.

Other products

soy sauce, vinegar, tempular powder, laver, vegetable oil, MSG, rice, oyster oil,
spicy sauce, chopsticks.

Sushi department

salmon, tuna, ginger, vinegar, sushi rice, fish roe, seaweed salad, arctic surf clam,
oil fish, sushi shrimp, crabstick.

Frozen products
Fresh products
Other products
Sushi department

Our projects

Cook easier, faster, healthier
with foodpacker.ca

Founded in 2014 in Montreal, Canada, FoodPacker (foodpacker.ca) is a website which offers a wide variety of safe and healthy food products via a fast and simple service.

The fast and busy pace of our everyday lives deter us from cooking and pushes us to unhealthy choices such as fast food and microwave food. FoodPacker offers the "Cook It Yourself" service as a solution to this problem. "Cook It Yourself" is a service where we deliver the ingredients required to cook one of the dozens of recipes available on our website. You can even personalize them to satisfy your taste. This service allows you to cook warm and delicious food without the hassle of going out to buy the ingredients.

our services

Your satisfaction,
our commitment

Fresh and healthy foods is one of important part of modern life, we will supply you the high quality foods. Our salesmen and customer service are here for any of your questions. Our delivery is fast and punctual.

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2388 46e Avenue, Lachine, QC H8T 2P3 Canada


(514) 780-2233   /   (514) 677-9677 (Import & export)


(514) 780-2234